Nitin Vete

CEO & MD | since 2003

Since the beginning, Nitin was inclined to start his own business. Along with graduation he was pursuing Chartered Accountancy and LLB. He always believed in having the concepts right. This approach gave him a very good foundation. His education got interrupted when he was required to join the business, post his father’s sudden death.

Determined by heart and mind, he quickly understood the roots of the business. His 'never settle for less' attitude helped him to make some brilliant strategic moves. His entry into the family business brought about a paradigm shift by transitioning Vete Associates from a traditional firm to a company with an enriched advisory, professional services, created a team and focus on meaningful service. He brought transparency and expertise on the table. He continuously upgraded and brought changes at regular intervals. He is known for always making the right move at the right time! In this way, the company has always remained upgraded and updated.

Nitin is known for being cool headed, organized and empathetic. This attracted a good number of clientele. At present, he is the MD and CEO of Vete Associates and has a strength of 40 professionals working under him in his plush 7000 square feet office in Thane. Nitin has managed to successfully create wealth for his stakeholders. His clear vision and untiring efforts have helped Vete Associates stamp its authority in the Investment Advisory industry.

He maintains a perfect balance of knowledge and has a great circle of friends from all spheres of life. His mantra for success has been - a sound mind and a fit body. To achieve this, he spends sufficient time on meditation and yoga. He enjoys reading books, listening to music, and watching movies in his free time.