About Us

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering investment solutions. We believe that investing is an art of understanding beyond investors’ needs and assisting them to achieve more!

Our journey dates back to 1962, when the Founders - Neela & Ramakant Vete started their practice. In 2003, Vete Associates accomplished a milestone of registering as a company. Today, Vete Associates MFD Pvt. Ltd., has a posh 7000 sq ft office located at a prime location in Thane.

We are currently managing wealth of 4000+ families. Our rich clientele includes affluent and NRI investors. Our emphasis on strong relationships has led to generations investing with us. Our USP lies in providing personalized investment services aligned with the investors’ financial goals.

The company manages a massive SIP book of 3.33 crores. We also have premium investment tools – like Portfolio Management Services and also run a competent Taxation practice – and these two add lot of value to our valued investors.

Our strategy lays more emphasis on the investing approach and less on the products. Moreover, our dynamic technology expertise of using Cloud services has given extraordinary results to our investors, by providing investing accessibility anytime, anywhere! For this, we have been recognized by the Salesforce CRM platform in the MSME category..

The company has been recognized for their remarkable performance in the Insurance and Mutual Fund industries. It has even featured in the notable newspapers as well as in TV talk shows. Recently, it was awarded as the India’s Best MSME in 2019 for continuous growth and great success stories.