Neela Vete

Chairman | since 1991

It all began in 1962 when Neela ji took the LIC agency. Back then the concept of investments was new in many households. Even the financial literacy was very low in India. The modus operandi of Investments was firstly time consuming and involved a lot of paperwork. With no background of investments, Neela ji started her journey. While building her practice, she just kept two simple things in mind - proper product knowledge and proper service. This approach gave her early success in her business sting. As days rolled by, the size of operations increased as she gathered a sizable number of clients under her umbrella.

Observing his wife from close quarters, Ramakantji opted for a VRS as a postmaster and joined hands with his wife. The husband-wife duo scaled greater heights as they exhibited a classic coalescence of a strong network and impeccable service. Their partnership truly yielded terrific results. For instance, even today those relationships are active as even today, their third or fourth generations are investing with Vete Associates.

However, the sudden demise of Ramakantji in 1989 gave a setback to the business. Neelaji, a formidable juggernaut, weathered this storm and carried on with the business. Though she lost the support of her husband, there was another man from the family waiting in the wings to join forces with his mother. In 1989, Nitin Vete, their elder son joined Vete Associates and worked shoulder to shoulder to take the family business to new horizons.

Neela ji continued to play active role till the age of 82. Her valuable experience helped the business in multiple ways. Throughout her tenure she has received multiple recognitions. She has been facilitated by prominent figures like Datta Dalvi (former Mayor of Mumbai), R.R. Patil (former Deputy Chief Minister). She is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the “Thane Bhushan Puruskar”, “Woman of Substance”, etc. She has also been featured in famous newspapers of Maharashtra, like Loksatta, Thane Vaibhav, etc.

She has a great interest in writing and reading books. She has even published her own book called, “Geeta Saar” which explains the learnings of Geeta in a very simplified way. Her presence is truly inspiring and motivational for the entire Vete team.